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Member of Global Affinity Alliance/ WCA ID :115352

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The reliability, the transparency and the control of your supply chain costs is crucial to your success when dealing with international trade and competing in the global market.

To help you handle this challenge and to optimize your business, we in IPM Logistics created a portfolio of forwarding and logistics services.

Member of Global Affinity Alliance/WCA ID:115352, Atlas Logistics Network and JCtrans Logistics Network/GCP. 

We recognize that in order to achieve our mission, we must operate with an eye toward sustainability. IPM Logistics is focused on growth and recognizes the importance of doing this in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

The costs for international transport form two-thirds of your logistics charges, so your profitability depends on controlling them. IPM Logistics will offer to its customers not only transport and logistics services but also solutions to optimize the related processes. For your regular import and export deliveries we will negotiate special rates with the carriers or we will offer you consolidation services.


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